Joint Efforts

Name of project: Investing in the Future: BIOBANK
Grant source: Istanbul Development Agency
Project Partners from DEU (with affiliations): Prof. Dr. Neşe Atabey, Izmir Biomedicine and Genome Center (project participant)
Other partners (if any):
Project Leader: Istanbul University, Aziz Sancar Institute of Experimental Medicine.
Project Partners: İstanbul University Faculty of Medicine, Bogazici University Life Sciences and Technologies Research Center and Istanbul Aydin University Faculty of Dentistry.
Other project participants and supporters: Hacettepe University, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Division of Health and Social Services, Acıbadem Mehmet Ali Aydinlar University and The Turkish Red Crescent.

E­-Infrastructure: The inventory of existing biobanks in Turkey is collected. We have also studied the proposed standards on BBMRI­ERIC consortium and decided on the necessary infrastructure and personnel to carry out the project. We applied for funding from the Ministry of Development to fund this project.

Quality: Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) based on OECD Guidelines, ISBER recommendations and EuroBiobank have been followed by existing Biobanks. A workshop is organized to harmonize SOPs and to train biobankers on QMS systems in biobanks. The “SOPs and Quality in Biobanks” workshop will be held on April 6th, 2016.

Clinical Biobanks: We have been collecting the inventory of available clinical biobanks in Turkey. Turkish Gastroeintestinal Pathology Working Group has been informed about the BBMRI­ERIC­ ADOPT project. Main centers are sent a questionnaire about colorectal carcinoma cases with follow up information and/or formalin fixed­paraffin embedded and/or material stored at ­800C.

Population-­based Cohorts: We are conducting follow­up studies on subsamples of the BHS (Balçova Heart Study) Cohort. These follow up studies include the development of diabetes on the population with impaired glucose and a nested case control study of vit D and cancer. Additionally, we are collaborating with the Greifswald Univ SHIP cohort, and the first meeting was held in Germany in Jan 2015 and the second in Turkey in Sept 2015 to plan plan further activities. We also joined the European Cohort Consortium which will apply to the call in Horizon 2020.

ELSI: We organized a joint workshop with national stakeholders for the standardization of informed consent forms and Ethical­Legal guidelines of biobanks, and a position paper has been prepared. A workshop has been organized to standardize Biobanks’ informed consents and to train biobankers on Ethical and Legal issues. The “SOPs and Quality in Biobanks” workshop will be held on April 6th, 2016, in Istanbul.

Ozguc M . Biobank Governance (In Turkish)


  • working groups and governance structure were established.
  • The first national survey for the self­evaluation of biobanks has been prepared and sent to Biobanks in Turkey.
  • The project entitled “Investing in the Future: BIOBANK” has been accepted and awarded a grant from Istanbul Development Agency. (
  • Grant proposals were prepared to provide national support to establishment of infrastructure and to maintain sustainability