Turkey has an observer status in BBMRI­-ERIC. The national node is Dokuz Eylul University (DEU), which was established in 2014 with a joint protocol by the Ministry of Development and DEU. In 2015, became a partner in the ADOPT-BBMRI­-ERIC proposal that aims to boost and accelerate the implementation of BBMRI­-ERIC and its services. DEU, Izmir International Biomedicine and Research Institute (iBG-­izmir) is the coordinator and Hacettepe University Center for Biobanking and Genomics (HUBİGEM) and Istanbul University, Aziz Sancar Institute of Experimental Medicine (IU Aziz Sancar DETAE) Biobanking Unit are partners of the ADOPT-BBMRI-ERIC project. has five main goals:

  • Play an advisory role in the establishment of biobanks in Turkey to create a harmonized and efficient biobanking infrastructure,
  • Increase the awareness of biobanking among the public as well as the scientific community,
  • Create a coordination structure among biobanks,
  • Harmonize the ethical and legal guidelines,
  • Share best practices acquired from BBMRI­ERIC and disseminating the knowledge in national biobanks, while contributing to the pan­European research infrastructure BBMRI­ERIC.

To achieve these aims focuses on:

  • Harmonization and dissemination of standard operating procedures (SOPs) for the collection, storage, quality control and access procedures of biological material and related data among biobanks,
  • Coordination of the funding of an IT infrastructure for interoperability between biobanks for the use of patient registries and clinical data,
  • Organization of training activities to quality assurance of biobanks and registries,
  • Educational activities to enhance the awareness of biobanking in the general public, policymakers, and health­care providers,
  • Increase the awareness of decision makers to develop tools to ensure the sustainability of biobanks.


National Node Director: Neşe Atabey